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What kind of job ring die pellet function to adapt to the en
Author:LaiZhou ChengDa Machinery Co., Ltd. Published:2018-08-04 10:57visits:1137

Biomass pellet functions of agricultural and forestry processing wastes such assawdust, straw, rice husk, bark and other biomass as raw material, through the pretreatment and processing, the curing forming for high density granular fuel, is the ideal alternative fuel of kerosene, which not only can save the energy but also reduce emissions, with good economic and social benefits. Is a kind of high efficient, clean and renewable energy.

Biomass: biomass particles classification machine is divided into flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine.

Process: crushing, transport, molding to finished product storage.

Ring die pellet machine conditions apply:

The device in a specified range of material (for material length: 3-50mm) and thewater containing material calibration rate (10%-30%) and the length ofconditions, the production process can be completed smoothly biomass fuel.

Ring die pellet machine features:

1, circular mould pellet machine of high degree of automation, high yield, low price, low power consumption, simple operation. If no power equipment can be used instead of diesel engine.

2, circular mould pellet machine material adaptability: molding to adapt to a variety of biomass raw materials, straw from the powder to the length of 50mmbetween 10--25%, water content, straw briquetting machine can molding.

3, circular mould pellet machine pressing wheel automatic adjustment function:automatically adjust the pressure angle of the use of two-way thrust bearing of the principle of rotation, so that the materials are not crowd and stuffy machine,ensure the stability of the material forming.

4, circular mould pellet machine has the advantages of simple operation and convenient use, high degree of automation, less labor, using artificial feeding or automatic feeding conveyor.