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To introduce the advantages of our factory production of fla
Author:LaiZhou ChengDa Machinery Co., Ltd. Published:2018-08-04 10:57visits:902

I plant the production of flat die pellet machine adopts domestic advanced straw move roller die compression technology, design and development of itself. Move roller die compression molding technology, is now relatively mature technology, this technology has advanced, practical, economical and technical parameters compared with the advanced technology at home and abroad, in the advanced level.

1, raw material, wide adaptability

Flat die compression molding technology of pressure molding hole is bigger, use large diameter roller, can such as straw, rice husk, sawdust and other bulky volume, fiber long after raw material force to crush pressure molding. Crushing requirements for raw material is not high. Another application of the technology in compressed fibrous materials, the raw material moisture content from 15% to 25% (best at around 18%) can be compression molding, in most cases, do not need. ? the raw material

2, high yield,

When forming density under certain conditions, under the same power, flat die compression molding technology processing production application other compression molding technology processing of between 20% and 35% higher than that of production.

3, tons of low power consumption

On the one hand, by to the modulus of compression molding equipment to neutralize the space is large, roller diameter is large, with the raw material for the straw particle size is quite large compression molding, to overcome the ring die extrusion technology and screw extrusion technology in this limit, reduce the energy consumption in grinding section of material. On the other hand, compared with the ring die compression molding technology, die die area ratio is high, the hole, and discharging density and same size.

4, roller die life is long

Due to differences in work principle, die molding compression technology of roller speed higher than ring ?

5, forming density can be adjusted

The work of the space between the roller and molding, pressure, can through the shaft and wheel frame and subtract gasket to adjust. To decide to produce molding material density. Operation convenient and save time, can be compressed, low density in the production of FRP products, also can produce the high density of compression molding, multi-usage.

Above is my factory production of flat die pellet machine advantages, welcome to our factory to choose.