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What is the difference between flat die and ring die pellet
Author:LaiZhou ChengDa Machinery Co., Ltd. Published:2018-08-04 10:57visits:1019

One, the feeding way is different: the ring die pelletizing machine adopts mechanical force feeding, high speed rotating centrifugal distribution into thegranulation chamber, through the scraper to distribution of material, feeding isuniform; the flat die granulator is to rely on the self weight of the materialsvertically into a pressing chamber, capable of uniform feeding.

Two, pressure difference: in the mold equal diameter inner ring molding, wheel diameter is governed by the size of the ring die diameter limit, pressure isadjustable. Three cone pressing wheel complete steel structure with flat die pellet machine, a big shaft, is arranged below the die through a special heat treatment,mould rotates to drive the three upper pressure wheel to rotate, adjustable pressure, stable yield, particle density, and the mold of both sides can be used.

Three, the discharge in different ways: ring die belong to high speed, the materialdischarged high breakage rate; and the flat die belongs to the low speed, low breakage rate.

Four and the pressure of different adjusting wheel: ring die pelleter if to regulate pressure with two screws eccentric pressing wheel on the middle; flat diegranulator is adopt screw thread column center regulating mechanism, jacking force 100 tons, drop steadily, bunt downy, uniform pressure.

From the comparison we can see the ring die pellet machine in the suppression of feed fine feed indeed is a talent. The flat die pellet machine is pressed wood,straw, straw powder, waste tires and other coarse fiber high temperaturegranulation and urban living garbage, sewage treatment, animal manure organic fertilizer granulation molding more useful.