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Us look at some of the knowledge about wood pellet machine
Author:LaiZhou ChengDa Machinery Co., Ltd. Published:2018-08-04 10:55visits:1013

Wood pellet machine can be sawdust, rice husk, palm and other material pressed into a pellet fuel, centrifugal efficient wood pellet machine adopts the ring mould process of flat die structure, increasing the pressure reduces wear and tear, inwood pellet granulator is more handy. Hydraulic system, automatic lubricationsystem makes the wood pellet machine maintenance more simple.

The work principle of sawdust particles:

Wood pellet machine working process is the requirement of moisture content 13% ~ 17% of the material, from the storage silo to quantitative conveyer,through the variable frequency adjustable speed motor to obtain quantitativeconveyer, material flow right, then into the conditioner, and then into thecompulsory feeder, finally into the pressure chamber for granulation.

Performance characteristics:

1, wood pellet machine effectively solves the difficulty of biomass, crude fibergranulating effect bad, high precision gear used main drive ring die, with quick release type hoop, yield than a belt type transmission to improve the yield of around 15%.

2, feeding adopts frequency conversion feeding, ensure uniform feeding.

3, stainless steel door cover and the chute and feeder. High quality die adopts international advanced manufacturing process for various particle machinetailored to various raw materials you use, make your long service life, improves the quality of the product, the fall in the cost of tons of consumption.

4, sawdust pellet machine free installation and debugging, teaching operation technology, until customer satisfaction. Purchase mechanical consulting ChengDa can't go wrong